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Make my Packaging

Our products are coming soon. Please fill the form via the link at the bottom of the page as an expression of interest. 

Stage 1

We can work with you to build a photo realistic design of your packaging according to your specifications. 


  • Initial zoom meeting to understand your packaging requirements 

  • CAD drawings of your product shared for us to accurately design a packaging solution 

  • Create a photorealistic design of your packaging

Stage 2

Once you are happy with the design, we will then create a mold and grow prototypes of your packaging to complete product testing. 


  • Work with you to iterate on the design of your packaging until you are fully satisfied


  • Create the mould and grow prototypes

  • Work with your team during your internal product testing stage

Stage 3

When you have approved the final product prototype, we will start manufacturing.

Let design
Contact Us to discuss prototypes and production timings
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