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Our Team


James Ferrier

Co-founder & CEO

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James comes to BioFab with an extensive background in packaging, a major market for BioFab’s material. He’s also an investor in the hemp industry. Despite his CEO title, he considers all of the core team to be leaders in the business and believes we are only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unlocking the potential of nature and natural products.


Phil Matheson

Co-founder & COO

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Phil combines his expertise in growing mushrooms with the development of mycelium-based technology to help create the products BioFab will commercialise. With a strong background in marketing and strategy, corporate governance, and business analysis, Phil has owned and developed six start-up companies since 2000 and has a particular interest in Biotech, Agritech and Foodtech.


 Michael Khuwattanasenee


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Michael is a purpose-driven entrepreneur with a variety of ventures on the go. He has founded two Thai eateries and is the founder of RENORM, a marketing and technology consultancy for small businesses.


Lennart Prinz


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Lenny brings a pragmatic approach and an entrepreneurial spirit to the BioFab team. He has over ten years’ experience growing saprophytic mushrooms, running a small business and producing and supplying mushroom spawn to other growers. Lenny's unique skill set will be crucial to the scaling up and commercialisation of this techology within Australasia.


Jessica Chiang


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Jess has a Masters of Biomedical Science and Bachelor of Technology (Hons, Biotech) and her experiences include being the CEO of Chiasma and iGEM team founder. She has extensive research experiences ranging from biochemistry, biophysics, and microbiology. In 2017, she was the winner of the Global Biotech Revolution Gapsummit 100 Leaders of Tomorrow Idea Challenge.


Kensa Randle

Creative Lead

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Kensa has experience in Product Management, Product Design, and Data Science. She is also a full-time athlete and a Gen-Z Futurist who brings a fresh new perspective to the team. At BioFab she assists with brand development, marketing, and social media.

Our Advisory Board


Andreas Mershin

Advisory Board

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Craig Hilton

Advisory Board

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