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Mushroom™ Packaging

BioFab’s patented technology is sourced from partner company Ecovative Design. The technology is derived from the amazing natural process of the mycelium growth, which is capable of building macrostructures.

Mushroom packaging

Our product is a direct replacement to expanded polystyrene used in packaging. Our product is a biocomposite made of fungal mycelium and agricultural waste, which is 100% natural and biodegrades at the end of it's use (biodegrades within 30 days). Our packaging is highly functional, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable. 

High Performance

This BioComposite is flame-resistant, hydrophobic, scalable, and rigorously tested. That means this BioComposite offers similar performance to polystyrene, without its negative impact on the environment

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Custom Designed

We can customise our mycelium packaging according to your product specifications at accessible pricing


Many so-called compostable products must be commercially composted –facilities that few people have access to. Our product is compostable. Put it in a compost pile or simply break it up into soil – it will decompose with zero toxicity

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How long does it take to grow Mushroom™ Packaging? 

4 days in the growth tray, 2 days outside the tray in the pod for the velvet overgrowth, and 1 day to dry.

Is my product suitable for Mushroom™ Packaging? 

To see if your product is a good fit for Mushroom™ Packaging, refer to our Contact page and complete the form. 

Is the composition of Mushroom™ Packaging always the same? 

Yes, the blend of raw materials we use for Mushroom Packaging is always the same as this process is very standardised.

How do you compost Mushroom™ Packaging? 

Simple break up your Mushroom™ Packaging and incorporate into the soil to  compost in 45 days. 

How long can Mushroom™ Packaging live on a shelf? 

Our packaging is shelf stable for up to 30  years, as determined through accelerated  aging tests per ASTM D2126.

Is your material suitable for food  containers? 

No, at present Mushroom™ Packaging is not certified by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). However, this may be something we look to do in the future! 

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